The Old Man And His Daughter Adopted The Stray Dog That Had Been Driven Away, And They Were Surprised To Receive This [Watch Clip].

The Old Man And His Daughter Adopted The Stray Dog That Had Been Driven Away, And They Were Surprised To Receive This [Watch Clip].


This holiday season in the cold mountainous region of my hometown, I happened to hear a story that made the freezing weather feel warmer.

As the holiday approached, a stray dog appeared at the entrance of the village, seemingly from nowhere. Despite the cold, it persistently searched for food in the garbage dump. It's unclear why, but the local security and some villagers used stones and sticks to drive it away.

The frightened dog had nowhere to go, until an elderly father and his daughter living alone at the end of the village discussed and decided to take the dog home. The old man said, "Spending the holiday alone is very difficult... we have enough for ourselves, so taking care of it won't be a problem." His daughter agreed, showing no disdain for the dirty dog.

Due to having been chased, beaten, and threatened by many people before, the dog was wary and hesitant when approached by the old man. It took several days before the dog became friendlier towards the father and daughter. To everyone's surprise, the old man discovered that the dog was pregnant and likely nearing the delivery date.

Only after the holiday, the mother dog successfully gave birth to two adorable puppies. The two little ones grew day by day under the loving protection of the mother dog and the old man and his daughter.

Concerned that their family situation was not good enough to care for too many puppies and fearing that the mother dog might become pregnant again, the old man decided to sterilize her. The two discussed also raising the two puppies until they were old enough, then finding them new families. They ensured they would have good lives, be protected, and have worthy homes.

Since the arrival of the two puppies, one yellow and one black, the household has been lively and joyful. The yellow dog is named Pi, slightly disabled from birth without a tail but very adorable and resembling a Corgi. The black dog is intelligent and mischievous, even more playful.

Thanks to the kindness of the old man and his daughter, the lives of the mother and her three puppies have truly had a new and beautiful start.

We have the right to choose to love someone or some animal, but if we cannot love, please do not harm each other!

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