Travis Kelce's assets have increased by over $20 million since dating Taylor Swift, pushing his fame to unprecedented levels

Travis Kelce's assets have increased by over $20 million since dating Taylor Swift, pushing his fame to unprecedented levels

Football star Travis Kelce admits he is in the "happiest time of his life" since dating singer Taylor Swift. Not only has he found an ideal partner, but being with a famous figure like Taylor Swift also brings immense benefits to the 34-year-old athlete.

According to British media, Travis's fame has skyrocketed to "unprecedented levels" thanks to Taylor. Before publicly dating Taylor, the 34-year-old athlete had only 2.8 million followers. Now, that number has soared to 6 million, an increase of 114%. Moreover, TMZ reported that the sales of Travis's jerseys have also quadrupled.

Travis's reputation has skyrocketed since dating Taylor Swift

More notably, The Things revealed that Travis's net worth has increased from $30 million to $50 million since dating Taylor. That means he has pocketed an additional $20 million in just over six months of publicly dating the "Snake Queen." The reason is said to be due to a series of lucrative sponsorship deals Travis has secured recently.

Travis's jersey sales quadruple

Dream romance

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce began appearing together at the end of last summer. Rumors of their relationship surfaced when Taylor Swift regularly appeared in the stands to cheer for the Kansas City team, where Travis Kelce was playing.

Despite being busy with The Eras Tour and music projects, Taylor rarely missed Kansas City games since September 2023. The two then openly displayed affectionate gestures toward each other.

Travis and Taylor stroll together

In the Super Bowl match in February, Taylor flew more than 20,000 km from Japan to the US to cheer for her boyfriend. After Travis and his teammates won, the 34-year-old singer also appeared on the field to celebrate.

The football player then flew to Australia and Singapore to attend Taylor's Eras Tour. By March, the couple spent a lot of time together, from a joint trip to the Bahamas to attending Coachella shows in Los Angeles.

Recently, The Sun reported that Travis and his family plan to accompany Taylor when she restarts the Eras Tour in Europe in May. Despite the continuous travel that may affect preparations for the new season with Travis's Kansas City club, the 34-year-old athlete is still trying to arrange it. The leadership of Kansas City also fully supports their relationship.

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