Touring the luxurious home of NFL star Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City

Touring the luxurious home of NFL star Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has not only been busy dominating the football field, but he's also been investing in real estate, accumulating a reported total of four properties.

His first Kansas City purchase was a two-bedroom condo back in December 2017, followed by acquiring a home in the Country Club District of Kansas City, Missouri, in 2019. This contemporary ranch-style home is now listed for sale in June 2023 as Mahomes moves into his third property within the Loch Lloyd Country Club community in Kansas City. Additionally, he invested in a fourth property, a $3.37 million mansion located in Westlake, Texas.

Now, let's take a closer look at the home that Mahomes and his wife chose to bring their children home to. This property, currently listed for approximately $3 million, was acquired by Mahomes in 2019.

Situated on a 1.4-acre lot within the Country Club District, this 4,343-square-foot house boasts three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Built in 1953, the home showcases mid-century modern architecture with an open floor plan, built-in cabinetry, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

One of the standout features of the home is its impressive stone fireplaces, found in the master bedroom, both living rooms, and another area. The main living room features a stunning 1950s Art Deco-like fireplace reminiscent of a scene from a classic era.

Mahomes and his wife, Brittany, invested approximately $400,000 into renovating this nearly 70-year-old property, as indicated by property records. The house has only changed ownership twice in the last 18 years, with Mahomes being the latest purchaser.

As Mahomes continues to excel in his football career, his ventures in real estate reflect his success and growing investment portfolio.

Taking Another Look at Steel (and the Living Room)

Steel, seen here with a sloth dog toy, sits proudly on a plush leather couch in the living room. The fireplace poker set remains by the hearth, although a dog kennel now occupies the corner where a chest once stood.

Kisses in the Kitchen

These dogs even get to hang out on the kitchen counter, adding their canine charm to meal prep.

Chilling in the Corner Office

In the living room, Brittany set up a cozy corner office near the TV. This time, Silver has taken over the workspace, likely plotting some serious online shopping on

Saving Up for a New House

One of the reasons why people admire Mahomes is his down-to-earth nature. Before his record-breaking contract, during his rookie year, Mahomes and Brittany lived in an upstairs guest bedroom at Brittany’s father’s house to save money.

Before: The Closet

The couple’s closet is perhaps their most cherished space. Renovated to their tastes, it now boasts lighted shelving and holds up to 180 pairs of shoes—just the right amount for Mahomes, who stopped collecting shoes at that exact number.

His Favorite Shoes? The Yeezy Triple Black 750s

Mahomes treasures his Yeezy Triple Black 750s, a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West, which can fetch up to $1,100 per pair.

Don’t Think About Walking Off With His Shoes

For added security, Mahomes installed a camera in the closet—not just to monitor shoes but also to keep an eye on his brother, Jackson Mahomes, a TikTok star with over 1.1 million followers.

Brittany Likes the Closet, Too

Brittany often uses the closet as a backdrop for Instagram shots promoting her fitness company, Brittany Lynne Fitness, and her partnership with Balance Athletica.

There’s a Display Space for Sunglasses, Too

Mahomes, a sunglasses enthusiast, was the first NFL player to endorse Oakley and now has his own line of Oakley sunglasses.

Must Love Dogs

The couple adores their dogs, especially Steel, who was diagnosed with epilepsy. Despite this, he continues to live a spoiled life in their spacious yard, a key factor in choosing their home.

Room for the Dogs

Brittany praises the home’s large yard, which allows their dogs plenty of space to play and leap for balls.

They Chose Kansas City Over Texas

Originally planning to spend the offseason in Texas, Mahomes and Brittany fell in love with their Kansas City home and decided to settle there instead.

GQ interviewed Mahomes shortly after they moved in during the summer of 2020, capturing the couple’s transition into their dream home.

The Wine Cellar

During the offseason lockdown days, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany likely made good use of their wine cellar, despite Mahomes' rigorous workout routines.

Mahomes' daily schedule included waking up at 7 a.m., followed by a two-and-a-half-hour workout at 9 a.m., then lunch and sometimes virtual meetings with teammates. Afternoons were often spent playing video games, although Mahomes avoids them during the football season.

Before: The Gym

The couple also renovated and expanded their home gym, equipped with professional-grade equipment and a Peloton bike. Mahomes, known as "2PM" on the Peloton leaderboard, thrives on competition.

After: The Gym

Brittany frequently used the home gym to film workout videos for her Instagram, where their dogs also enjoyed spending time.

A Screened-In Porch Overlooks the Backyard

Growing up with a professional baseball player father, Mahomes had early exposure to star athletes and learned from their approach to sports.

A View From the Top

Mahomes admired athletes who were gracious and approachable, deciding to emulate their kindness if he ever reached the big leagues.

The Owner’s Suite Is Enormous

Following Mahomes' rapid rise to NFL stardom after being drafted by the Chiefs in 2017, he signed a lucrative contract. Despite his success, Mahomes stayed with his girlfriend in her father's house, demonstrating humility.

It’s Bigger Than a House

The owner’s suite, totaling 1,250 square feet including the laundry, closet, bathroom, and exercise room, rivals the size of an average home in Kansas City, which measures around 1,782 square feet.

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