The Janitor Adopted a Stray Dog, then the Dog Repaid his Kindness like this:

The Janitor Adopted a Stray Dog, then the Dog Repaid his Kindness like this:

 It's not by chance that dogs have always been praised for their loyalty to their owners since ancient times. Especially for adopted dogs, strays helped... they are even more grateful and attached to their benefactors.

There was a janitor who found a poor dog abandoned in a garbage bag while he was cleaning up trash. It might have been starving for days, making it thin, weak, with fearful eyes, exhausted.

He brought it home to care for, and they have been inseparable for the past 2 years...

To show gratitude to the man who saved its life, the dog accompanies him to work every day, helping him pick up trash, being cheerful even though his work environment is very harsh.

When the man rides his bike, the dog follows behind, sometimes even grabbing the leash by itself, leading itself to follow him. Whenever it sees empty water bottles, scraps of paper, it immediately picks them up to help him... turns out, the two of them will earn extra income by collecting recyclables.

However, there were many times when running after empty water bottles rolling on the road put the dog in danger. Since then, the man has been more careful, keeping the dog close to him, never leaving its side.

It seems that in this harsh life, they are each other's support. One meal is always divided into two, every meal, every place they go, they always have each other's presence.

The dog is like a companion to share the old age of the man. Conversely, the man is the owner, the benefactor in the dog's life. Especially, the dog is loved by everyone around, often given food and helping both of them.

Just love sincerely, and we will always receive corresponding goodness, and everyone needs a companion by their side.

Hope the two of them will stay together for a long time, healthy and happy!

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