Serena Williams Talks Future Plans Beyond Tennis, Embracing Fashion

Serena Williams Talks Future Plans Beyond Tennis, Embracing Fashion

Serena Williams graces the cover of Sports Illustrated's 2019 Fashionable 50 issue and hints at a potential shift towards a more fashion-centric career in a recent interview.

The 37-year-old tennis icon, boasting 23 Grand Slam titles and a successful fashion line bearing her name, credits her father for instilling the importance of having a backup plan, which eventually led to her thriving second career.

"It's crucial for me to have something beyond tennis because I've always envisioned it," she remarked. "My dad used to say, 'You can't play tennis forever,' even though I've sort of done that. But at some point, I'll have to stop, and I've always wanted a contingency plan if tennis didn't work out."

While she hasn't announced immediate retirement plans—having returned from maternity leave to continue her dominance in tennis—she contemplates the future of her brand.

"I envision a grand future for S by Serena," she expressed.

Unlike some celebrities who merely lend their names to fashion endeavors, Serena has always been deeply passionate about fashion. She pursued studies in fashion at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in the early 2000s while accumulating numerous Grand Slam titles annually.

"When I attended fashion school, it was always a future aspiration," she revealed. "It wasn't widely accepted—like you can't focus on two things. But I had a genuine interest in fashion, and I didn't want to halt my career," she added.

"I knew I wanted to create a brand for individuals with diverse aspirations, who aspire to be fierce simultaneously."

Her keen eye for style transcends her game, frequently making headlines with her on-court attire—a significant reason behind her latest Sports Illustrated cover.

"My career has always been intertwined with tennis and fashion," she stated.

"I strive to make a statement when I step onto the court—to be bold, unique, and transcend. I aim to convey confidence and fierceness," she emphasized.

While her fashion choices occasionally stir controversy, Serena remains unfazed by critics.

"People always have opinions about fashion," she shrugged. "They could be positive or negative. I don't dwell on it. My life is too intricate to bother with negativity," she asserted.

Serena's inclusion in the Fashionable 50 list reflects her enduring influence in both sports and fashion, underscoring her ongoing presence in the fashion landscape. This marks her second consecutive appearance in the list, showcasing her lasting impact in the industry.

Additionally, Serena graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar this month in an unretouched shoot, further exemplifying her multifaceted presence in the fashion world.

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