Serena Williams Affectionately Evaluates Daughter Olympia's Baking Talents

Serena Williams Affectionately Evaluates Daughter Olympia's Baking Talents

Serena Williams exhibits both discernment and fairness in her role as a barbecue judge.

In a heartwarming TikTok video, the retired tennis superstar humorously hinted at her future as a food judge while sampling cookies baked by her daughter Olympia, assisted by their sous chef, Alexis Ohanian.

"I'm critiquing Olympia's lemon cookies, and they're quite delightful," Williams remarked. "I'd prefer the sizes to be more uniform. This one seems a tad larger than the other, even when stacked. Ideally, they should match in size."

Williams commended the glitter accents adorning the cookies, praising her daughter's creativity in crafting diverse looks.

She then proceeded to assess the cookies' texture. "I appreciate how easily they break. It suggests they're soft cookies," she explained, breaking one in half for emphasis.

"The softness remains consistent inside," she observed, tapping the interior. "It's smooth and tender."

Williams turned her attention to the cookie glaze, offering constructive feedback. "The glazing could be more evenly distributed, though I understand your sous chef probably handled that," she noted. "When your sous chef is involved, you must oversee. You wouldn't want any sabotage—I know your sous chef likes to meddle."

Olympia giggled in the background as Williams sampled the cookie. "It's perfectly baked. The taste is delightful, with the icing complementing rather than overpowering the cookie," Williams remarked. "It's almost like a cake cookie."

In the video's conclusion, Williams called Olympia over and celebrated her success. "You did exceptionally well. Come here, let me shake your hand. That was fantastic," she commended, shaking Olympia's hand before addressing the camera with a laugh, "This is unbelievable!" The two burst into laughter as the video ended.

In a recent appearance on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, the tennis icon discussed her more relaxed daily routine since stepping away from the game in August.

"She reminds me that I should have more time on my hands and spend more time with her," Williams shared of her daughter Olympia, laughing. "I'm always like, 'Olympia, I'm not working now.' And she's like, 'Yeah, you don't play tennis!' She's like, 'Yes!' And I don't quite know how to feel about that!"

Williams reflected, "It's amusing, but it's a good thing because little kids genuinely want to be with their parents. I feel fortunate that she wants to be with me. That's how I see it because she could feel differently, and I'm glad she doesn't."

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