Discover the breathtaking Missouri mansion of Patrick Mahomes, featuring a concealed golf hole and training pitch

Discover the breathtaking Missouri mansion of Patrick Mahomes, featuring a concealed golf hole and training pitch

 Last season, Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, put the final touches on his massive mansion in Missouri. 

Patrick Mahomes built his dream home in a Kansas City suburb

The main reception room had a huge fish tank center piece

It was complete with its own golf hole in the back yard

The quarterback purchased land in Kansas City to build his palace

Situated in a Kansas City suburb, this dream home boasts a main reception room adorned with a large fish tank centerpiece and its own backyard golf hole. Mahomes acquired land in Kansas City to erect his palace while simultaneously leading the Chiefs to their second Super Bowl title in four years.

The 27-year-old football star is prominently featured in the new Netflix series "Quarterback," offering viewers an intimate glimpse into his personal life. Recently married to his childhood sweetheart Brittany Mahomes, Patrick's family is expanding as rapidly as his trophy collection. With two young children and two Super Bowl rings, Mahomes has transitioned from his previous $2.9 million Kansas City property to a mansion befitting royalty in Cass County, Missouri.

In 2020, Mahomes secured one of the most substantial contracts in US sports history, signing a 10-year, $500 million extension. Reflecting on his commitment to Kansas City and the Chiefs organization, Mahomes shared in the Netflix documentary, "I signed a 10-year contract extension because I wanted to be here in Kansas City and in this organization. After doing that, I reasoned that I might as well construct the exact home I desire. I intend to stay in Kansas City permanently. This mansion represents Chiefs Kingdom, which I am a part of."

In the seventh episode of the series, viewers witness Patrick and Brittany exploring their under-construction house in 2022. Following Mahomes’ Super Bowl triumph in Arizona in February, their mansion is ready for occupancy, complete with amenities such as a swim-up bar, fire pit, outdoor pool, private movie theater, and a basketball court. The house also includes a golf course bordering the woods, an indoor basketball court, and a miniature football field.

During the documentary, Brittany expresses her excitement over the breathtaking views from their new home and envisions enjoying coffee together in the serene setting. Additionally, she jokes about Patrick's extensive shoe collection possibly overwhelming their colossal walk-in closet. Furthermore, the couple plans to host what Brittany affectionately calls a "sports Olympics" in their expansive backyard.

The couple's home showcases a special cabinet for Patrick's trophies, an outdoor pool and fire pit, and an indoor basketball court where Brittany enjoys playing. The documentary captures the construction progress of these features and provides viewers with a comprehensive look at the Mahomes' luxurious abode.

Mahomes toured his home as it was being built late last year

Brittany had a special cabinet installed for all of Patrick’s trophies

Brittany plays basketball on the indoor court

There is also an outdoor pool and fire pit, which was shown under construction on Netflix

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