Serena Williams and her 6-year-old daughter Olympia are venturing into the world of the Force. Take a Look!

Serena Williams and her 6-year-old daughter Olympia are venturing into the world of the Force. Take a Look!

The 23-time grand slam tennis champion, 42, and her daughter recently enjoyed a visit to Galaxy’s Edge, one of Disney’s theme parks, where they had the opportunity to create and activate their own Star Wars lightsabers.

Williams documented their exciting experience on her Instagram Story, sharing moments of them entering the lightsaber workshop and receiving a tutorial from the lightsaber master on crafting their very own laser swords inspired by the iconic Star Wars franchise. As the master displayed a red kyber crystal, associated with "Darth Vader and now Kylo Ren," Williams proudly claimed it as her own.

In subsequent clips, Williams is seen selecting her red kyber crystal while her daughter remarks, "You got red like me, because that one is, like, the darkest."

The tennis star also captured images of her work station and the components of the lightsaber she assembled. After completing the process, she photographed her hand resting on the lightsaber before it was inserted into a machine by one of the workers.

"Are you ready?" the lightsaber master asked them, to which Olympia enthusiastically responded, "Yes!" Williams then recorded her daughter activating her lightsaber, which glowed red, while Williams’ lightsaber emitted a blue hue.

The Olympian then turned the camera to her daughter, who seemed slightly disappointed when Williams raised her blue lightsaber, prompting her to say, "I thought you got red." Nevertheless, they both enjoyed waving their lightsabers around.

While Williams often shares joyful moments with her daughters, she also acknowledges the challenges of motherhood. Earlier in the week, she posted a light-hearted TikTok clip juxtaposing glamorous moments with the reality of pumping breast milk, emphasizing that her life isn't as glamorous as it may seem.

Despite the trials, there have been positives to expanding their family. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the CFDA Awards, Williams mentioned that Olympia is adapting well to her role as an older sister to Adira. "She loves it," Williams said. "Adira's like a tiny little baby, so Olympia just calls her her 'little sis.' "

Reflecting on her initial concerns about welcoming another child, Williams admitted, “I was like, 'OK, I don't know if I can like anyone as much as I love Olympia.’ I was really nervous about that. But I feel like it all worked out."

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