Venus Williams' Perspective on Niece Olympia's Potential Tennis Journey

Venus Williams' Perspective on Niece Olympia's Potential Tennis Journey

The strong connection to tennis runs deep in the veins of sisters Serena and Venus Williams, making them iconic figures in the sport's history. However, as Serena shared a delightful moment with her daughter Olympia in a recent Instagram post, Venus Williams expressed thoughts beyond the tennis court.

While the sisters share a passion for tennis, Serena's influence on the fashion world is equally notable. In a Stuart Weitzman Spring 2021 campaign video, Serena and Olympia showcased different looks, creating a memorable mother-daughter moment. Fans showered Serena with admiration in the comments, praising her husband Alexis Ohanian's luck in having her as his wife.

In the comment thread, Venus Williams, the 40-year-old tennis star, shared her perspective on Olympia's potential future. She expressed her desire for her adorable niece to take up tennis, revealing her hopes for the next generation of tennis enthusiasts.

Serena, on the other hand, mentioned Olympia's interest in soccer. The EleVen founder highlighted the close bond between Venus and Olympia, emphasizing Venus's role as a "great" aunt in the little girl's life.

Contrary to the norm of growing apart after starting families, Serena and Venus's bond has remained unaltered. Despite becoming a mother in 2017, Serena noted that Venus has stayed the same supportive sister.

During this year's Australian Open, the tennis duo found time for sisterly activities, reinforcing the strong bond forged through their shared love for tennis. Serena acknowledged that Venus understands her journey intimately, standing by her side through every victory.

While Serena hasn't officially announced her retirement from tennis, she actively supports and empowers the younger generation of women in sports, with a particular focus on her daughter Olympia. Whether Olympia chooses tennis or any other path in the future, Serena remains steadfast in her support for her daughter's aspirations, emphasizing the importance of unconditional encouragement.

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