Former World No. 1 Tennis Player Venus Williams: Embracing Life Beyond the Court

Former World No. 1 Tennis Player Venus Williams: Embracing Life Beyond the Court

At the age of 42, Venus Williams is gearing up for life after retirement. The seven-time Grand Slam champion is dedicating ample time each day to oversee her ventures beyond tennis.

Until 4 pm, Venus is immersed in her role as the head of "EleVen by Venus Williams," focusing on athlete apparel, and "V Starr Interiors," specializing in interior design.

However, her involvement in business doesn't mean she's let go of tennis. Venus shares, "I'll practice in the morning or evening, or whenever. I have to be flexible."

A quick reminder: The Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, have become tennis legends, captivating the world with their professional debut at the age of 14. Together, they have clinched a total of 44 Grand Slam titles.

Venus, in particular, revolutionized women's tennis, challenging stereotypes with her physical prowess, unwavering confidence, and exceptional skills. Her ascent to become the first African-American female world No. 1 shattered barriers.

Twenty years after her first Grand Slam victory in 2017, Venus still nurtures the desire for triumph in Grand Slam tournaments, stating, "I just want to win tournaments and Grand Slams. I've set goals for myself, so I need to achieve them."

Yet, Venus's life extends beyond tennis. Even at the peak of her career, she pursued passions such as fashion design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and business management at Eastern Indiana University.

Recently, she has delved into interior architecture. Alongside her sister Serena, Venus also holds a stake in the Miami Dolphins, making them the first African-American women to do so.

The sisters also manage the Yetunde Price Resource Center, named after Venus's late sister who fell victim to a shooting in 2003.

With such a colossal workload, how does Venus manage? "It's all about love," she explains. "You have to love what you want to do. I've long decided that I won't do anything I don't enjoy. And I always have a choice. I'm grateful for the privilege to decide my life."

Venus's ideal week includes attending jazz or hip-hop dance classes and indulging in karaoke. As she continues to train for a tennis comeback, Venus envisions a life beyond the sport, admitting her aspirations for a family like her sister Serena's with husband Alexis Ohanian and daughter Alexis Olympia.

However, Venus remains private about her personal life, expressing, "Throughout my life, I've put in a lot of effort, so one of my personal goals after this chapter is to live a life worth it. Because I've had to work and travel so much, I hope to one day live slowly."

Regardless of how Venus's career concludes, she has undoubtedly become an icon and inspiration for generations to come. "There are so many new forces rising. Women in sports are evolving a lot. However, I believe I've done my job well, so there's not much to regret," reflects Venus.

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