What does Travis Kelce's mother say about Taylor Swift's new album?

What does Travis Kelce's mother say about Taylor Swift's new album?

 Mrs. Donna Kelce - Travis Kelce's biological mother, has commented on Taylor Swift's new album!

According to People magazine, recently Mrs. Donna Kelce - Travis Kelce's biological mother, shared her thoughts on Taylor Swift's new album at the QVC Summit held in Los Angeles, drawing special attention from the audience.

Specifically, your boyfriend's mother praised Taylor Swift's new album as follows: "I've listened to Taylor's entire new album and listened to it all morning when it was released. I'm very impressed. She is a talented woman and I think this may be her best work." This shows that Travis Kelce's parents have shown particular interest in Taylor Swift's music - their son's girlfriend. In particular, she also commented that the 1981-born singer is a "talented woman", exciting Taylor Swift fans.

It is known that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's mother do not often meet due to the busy schedule of the singer. However, they still have a pretty good relationship as Mrs. Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift were spotted together in the stands, cheering on Travis Kelce at the AFC Championship back in January.

Does Taylor Swift mention her current boyfriend in the new album? After being released on April 19th, Taylor Swift's 11th studio album, "The Tortured Poets Department," is still making waves on music charts worldwide. In "The Tortured Poets Department," "So High School" is speculated to be Taylor Swift's creation for her current boyfriend - football player Travis Kelce. Specifically, the song includes the lyrics: "Are you gonna marry, kiss or kill me?/ It's just a game, but really." Audiences affirm that "So High School" is Taylor Swift's way of referencing her boyfriend. The reason being, in 2016, Travis Kelce participated in an interview and played the game "Marry, Kiss, and Kill." The football player was asked whom he would marry, kiss, and kill among Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. In the end, Travis chose to kiss Taylor, marry Katy, and kill Ariana.

After 8 years, having become Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce probably couldn't have imagined his girlfriend would be so bold. Fortunately, Travis chose to kiss Taylor. If he had chosen differently, he might have appeared in a few more songs, not just "So High School," wouldn't he?

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