The family "takes it easy" as Taylor Swift dates athlete Travis Kelce

The family "takes it easy" as Taylor Swift dates athlete Travis Kelce

 According to sources from the Daily Mail, Taylor Swift's family members believe that Travis Kelce can ensure the safety of the pop singer, which puts them at ease. Concerns about the safety of the pop star arose after her father was accused of assaulting a photographer in Australia.

"Taylor Swift's family and her close relatives are all relaxed about this relationship. Not only because she's madly in love, but also because Travis makes the job of the security guards much easier," the source shared.

According to the same source, Taylor Swift dating a nearly 2-meter-tall, 113-kilogram athlete has made many people apprehensive about approaching the singer. This also means that overly zealous fans will be hesitant to cause trouble for the couple.

"Travis has promised to protect her, and there's nothing suspicious about it. No one dares to get close to Taylor when she's walking alongside her boyfriend and holding his hand," the source continued.

The American celebrity couple first publicly announced their relationship in September 2023 when the singer attended a Kansas City Chiefs football game to support Travis Kelce. At present, both Taylor and Travis are unhesitant in expressing their love for each other in public.

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