The diet secrets that help Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift's boyfriend, stay energetic in their "That thing"...

The diet secrets that help Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift's boyfriend, stay energetic in their "That thing"...

 Kansas City Chiefs football player Travis Kelce, singer Taylor Swift's boyfriend, maintains a healthy but not overly strict diet, ensuring 4,000 calories a day for training purposes.

On February 11th, the Kansas City Chiefs football team won the Super Bowl championship. One of the standout players was Travis Kelce, who continuously set records in the NFL (National Football League). One of the secrets to Kelce's success is his effective diet and training regimen, despite being a picky eater himself.

Standing at 1.95 meters tall, Kelce adheres to a healthy 4,000-calorie diet per day to maintain his weight of 113 kilograms during training.

"Travis Kelce is a highly influential athlete who garners a lot of attention. That's why fans are interested in his diet and how he maintains his physique," said the spokesperson for the Set for set fitness center, where Kelce trains.

According to experts, most diet plans restrict too many calories harmful to the body, often leading to uncontrollable weight gain afterward. They recommend that people adhere to a healthy and sustainable menu that fits their lifestyle. Kelce is inspired to do this by his childhood friend Kumar Ferguson, who is now his personal chef.

The Super Bowl champion shares that he usually eats French toast for breakfast to increase his blood sugar levels and quickly replenish carbs. This is also his favorite meal before matches. Carbohydrates from French toast help prevent muscle breakdown, as protein helps build and maintain muscle strength. The dish also contains vitamin B6, B12, iron, calcium, and magnesium.

As advised by experts for athletes, Kelce also enjoys steak to provide energy to his body. He often eats this dish before three-hour-long matches.

"His father is a barbecue master. So, I include steak in his daily menu," chef Ferguson told Kansas City Magazine. Sometimes, Kelce also eats spicy Hawaiian-style chicken wings and crispy fried Australian lobster tails to keep his body firm.

Previously, many studies have shown that red meat can cause chronic health problems such as heart disease and cancer. However, this food also contains important nutrients such as protein, vitamin B12, and zinc, which help the body convert food into energy, enhance muscles, and immune function.

As a picky eater, Kelce doesn't like vegetables, but he always ensures to supplement his daily menu with duckweed. The anti-inflammatory properties in green leafy vegetables allow the body to recover quickly after intense activity. Duckweed also contains many nutrients, fiber, potassium, which helps reduce blood pressure, increase energy, and support bone health.

To end the day, Ferguson usually cooks seafood Alfredo for Kelce. This is a creamy pasta dish, served with fish, shrimp, or crab, providing dairy, carbohydrates, and all the nutrients found in seafood.

Experts warn that saturated fat and cholesterol in food can cause heart problems. However, fish, shrimp, crab, and shellfish are rich sources of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients promote brain development, maintain a healthy heart, and support the immune system. The fatty acids in fish are very beneficial for athletes, providing plenty of zinc, iron, potassium, and magnesium for the body.

According to the Set for set spokesperson, Travis is a perfect example of an athlete maintaining a balanced, healthy, and effective diet leading to success with the team.

"It's a great example for young fans to follow, showing that you don't always need to cut out all your favorite foods from your life to have an ideal physique," he said.

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