Taylor Swift attended her boyfriend Travis Kelce's game, wearing a simple outfit worth over $62,000.

Taylor Swift attended her boyfriend Travis Kelce's game, wearing a simple outfit worth over $62,000.

 The appearance of singer Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl football game attracted significant attention from the media and the public. Taylor Swift was present at the prestigious sports event to support her boyfriend, football player Travis Kelce, in his match.

The couple's wish came true as Travis Kelce's team won the Super Bowl. Taylor Swift had flown back from Japan to the United States to watch her boyfriend play and witness him and his teammates win the championship. Upon reuniting on the field after Travis Kelce's team secured the Super Bowl, the couple exchanged passionate kisses amidst the "forest" of cameras and lenses focused on them.

Taylor Swift's appearance at the sports event drew widespread attention. American media humorously commented that the most famous celebrity at this sports event was not the players on the field.

Despite being a female billionaire, Taylor Swift chooses to pursue a "low-key, understated" style. Looking at Taylor Swift's modest attire at the Super Bowl event, few could guess that the total value of her outfit was over $62,000 (equivalent to over 1.5 billion VND).

Fashion experts "unveiled" Taylor Swift's outfit: a Dion Lee corset top priced at $720, a Wear by Erin Andrews bomber jacket priced at $140, and Area jeans priced at $695.

The accessories that Swift used were not cheap either: a Stephanie Gottlieb necklace priced at $4,250, a Judith Leiber football-shaped clutch priced at $4,495, a Stephanie Gottlieb diamond choker priced at $7,500, a Retrouvai ruby ring priced at $3,210, a Shay Jewelry ruby necklace priced at $5,420, a small-sized Shay Jewelry ruby bracelet priced at $5,660, and a large-sized Shay Jewelry ruby bracelet priced at $19,950.

Taylor Swift's everyday fashion style always aims for simplicity and sophistication. Although Swift is very wealthy, people easily forget her wealth because she often chooses to dress lightly, modestly, without showing off. Swift's way of coordinating clothes does not clearly reveal her impressive financial power.

Although Swift's everyday style of dressing has been criticized as dull, in reality, each of her items is purchased from luxury brands that cater to the wealthy who prefer modest attire.

In recent years, there has been more talk about the "low-key, understated" fashion style of the "seasoned rich." Meanwhile, Swift has adopted this style throughout her singing career.

The "low-key, understated" fashion style is when someone buys simple-designed items that are actually from high-end brands, items that are of high quality and can be used for a long time. It is a dressing style that demonstrates the discreet sophistication of wealthy individuals who do not like to "show off."

Swift dresses as basic as any other girl, her outfits do not show unique personality and are not too extravagant. In fact, Swift's everyday dressing style shows an intention to "hide wealth." This style helps her create a good impression with fans over the years.

Earlier, to prepare for Swift's presence at the Super Bowl game, Swift's boyfriend - football player Travis Kelce - spent over $1 million (equivalent to 24.5 billion VND) to rent a VIP suite for Taylor Swift and some of her family members. Travis Kelce hoped that his girlfriend, relatives, and some of Swift's friends could sit together to watch the game in a comfortable and private space.

According to Forbes magazine, Travis Kelce has assets worth about $50 million. Although Travis Kelce is "eclipsed" by Taylor Swift in terms of total assets, he is very generous in the process of dating Swift.

The entire outfit worth $62,540 that Taylor Swift wore at the Super Bowl sports event:

Area jeans - $695

Dion Lee mesh corset top - $720

Wear by Erin Andrews bomber jacket - $140

Judith Lieber football-shaped clutch - $4,495

Stephanie Gottlieb No. 87 pendant necklace - $4,250

Stephanie Gottlieb diamond choker necklace - $7,500

LA Heart earrings - $495

Shahla Karimi Baguette Stacking ring - $810

Shahla Karimi Bezel Set Demi ring - $850

Retrouvai Magna ring - $3,210

Shay Jewelry Ruby Solitaire necklace - $5,420

Shay Jewelry Ruby Eternity bracelet - $5,660

Shay Jewelry Ruby Stretch bracelet - $19,950

Christian Louboutin shoes - $1,195

Jacquie Aiche diamond chain earrings - $6,500

Jacquie Aiche diamond circle earrings - $650

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