Venus Williams was delighted by thoughtful surprise gifts from Olympia, the daughter of her sister Serena Williams

Venus Williams was delighted by thoughtful surprise gifts from Olympia, the daughter of her sister Serena Williams

 Serena Williams ensures that her elder daughter, Olympia, spends quality time with the family. Apart from their immediate family of four, Olympia shares a special bond with her aunt, Venus Williams. Venus has always been an integral part of family gatherings, whether it's for business, celebrations, or vacations, and her relationship with her niece Olympia runs deep as both are the elder daughters in the family.

These days, Olympia keeps herself busy with extracurricular activities, learning new things, and making the most of her time. Recently, the youngest sports team owner showed her love for her aunt in a touching way that melted hearts, especially Venus's.

Olympia, who is six years old, is engrossed in art, games, and creating things from scratch. She loves playing with Legos and even crafted a makeshift microscope at a kids’ workshop accompanied by Alexis Ohanian a couple of days ago. Using her talent and learnings, Olympia gifted her aunt a series of adorable drawings along with a creative paper skincare product.

Venus Williams was pleasantly surprised by these thoughtful presents from Olympia. She shared the heartwarming gesture on her Instagram story. Venus unwrapped the package with excitement, exclaiming, "This one is super, super special. There are drawings from Olympia. Let me reveal! I can wear this one. Oooh yeah!! Hahahahah!!!!!"

Among the drawings, Venus was particularly amused by a facial sheet-mask-shaped drawing that Olympia had meticulously cut and decorated with colorful horizontal lines. Venus couldn't help but put it on her face and laugh at Olympia's sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Venus often notices similarities between herself and her niece Olympia. She once shared a special quality that she believes Olympia will inherit from her.

Venus, a two-time US Open champion, has always seen a resemblance between herself and her elder niece. Over a year ago, during a vacation in Europe with the Williams sisters and Olympia, Venus posted a picture where she looked deeply engrossed in Olympia's thoughts, expressing her immense love for her niece.

Venus felt that Olympia resembled her in the picture. Around the same time, the aunt-niece duo enjoyed a peaceful walk on a dock, captured in a photo shared by Venus on her Instagram, with their backs to the camera. Venus even predicted that Olympia would grow as tall as her in the future.

The 'EleVen' founder playfully suggested naming Serena's younger daughter, Adira River, after herself. When a fan asked for a name suggestion, Venus humorously replied that 'Venus' would be the perfect choice. These instances are just a few examples of how 'Aunt Venus' shows her love and affection towards her adorable nieces.

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