The first $8 million is the amount required upfront when dating Taylor Swift; it's disclosed as a "relationship fee," and thereafter, each outing costs about this much....

The first $8 million is the amount required upfront when dating Taylor Swift; it's disclosed as a "relationship fee," and thereafter, each outing costs about this much....

 Football player Travis Kelce doesn't shy away from spending a large sum, equivalent to half a year's salary, on gifts, flights, and a new house to win the heart of pop star Taylor Swift.

According to The Post's statistics, Travis Kelce, the fourth-highest-paid player in the NFL with an annual salary of $14 million, has spent over $8.2 million in "romantic expenses" since dating Taylor last September.

"Travis Kelce always gives his all on the field and in his romantic relationship with Taylor Swift. He's not afraid to open his heart and his wallet," shared lifestyle and pop culture expert Valerie Greenberg.

Below is an analysis of the expenses the 34-year-old athlete has incurred over the past 7 months to show his love for Taylor Swift.

Real Estate: $6 million

Last autumn, shortly after going public with his relationship with Taylor, Travis felt "inadequate" about his modest $1 million home in Kansas City's Briarcliff West neighborhood. Therefore, he spent $6 million to purchase a 1,600-square-meter mansion in the suburban area of Leawood.

"Leawood is one of the 50 wealthiest towns in America. It's a private, upscale neighborhood... It offers much more privacy and security than his previous home," real estate agent Amanda Baum told The Post. She also revealed that Travis' luxurious estate includes a large swimming pool, tennis court, and golf course, perfect for the three-time Super Bowl champion.

Private Jet Excursions: $1.2 million

Travis Kelce took multiple long-distance flights to visit Taylor Swift during her international Eras Tour. In November last year, he chartered a private jet on a Friday to attend her concert in Argentina and flew back to the U.S. on Monday. Michael Giordano, a partner and aviation expert at Cirrus Aviation Services, confirmed the cost of this flight at approximately $300,000.

Following the Super Bowl victory in February, Travis flew from Los Angeles to Hawaii, then landed in Sydney, Australia, on February 21st. He and his close friends traveled halfway around the world to support Taylor Swift. The estimated cost was $340,000 for a 10-seater jet.

On March 7th, the football star and his friends flew from his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, to Singapore – Taylor's final stop in the Asia-Pacific region. According to Giordano's estimate, this 19-hour flight, including a refueling stop in Dubai, could cost around $570,000 for a 10-seater jet.

According to The Post, Travis Kelce may have also used Taylor Swift's private jet to attend some of her international performances.

Gifts: At least $22,000

On Valentine's Day, Travis expressed his love for Taylor with an "eternal rose" gift, the Venus et Fleur Round Grandiose, priced at $2,199. This rose box is said to stay fresh for up to a year. He also gifted the singer a Lover bouquet worth $2,100 and a 24-karat gold sculpture of a rose from Perigold, priced at $3,020.

The Sun reported that Travis also gifted Taylor a black Dior hat worth $1,050, a Bottega Veneta bag for $5,100, a Celine bucket hat for $1,100, and an Hermès Chevaux Dechaines scarf for $1,300.

He also custom-ordered a pair of diamond bracelets from Wove Made Inc. in February. Handcrafted from 14K rose gold and studded with a lab-grown 4.62-carat diamond, this jewelry piece costs $6,360. The bracelet is adorned with the initials "TNT" (Taylor and Travis) in gold beads and diamonds.

Super Bowl Tickets: $1 million

Sources reveal that Travis Kelce spent $1 million to secure a VIP section for Taylor, her parents, her singer brother, and some friends and family to watch the Super Bowl in February. At that time, the football player confirmed on his podcast that he didn't mind spending to invite his and Taylor's loved ones. During this game, Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs won their second consecutive Super Bowl title.

Since they started dating in September last year, Taylor Swift has also attended Travis' games multiple times to cheer him on. Sometimes, she invited artist friends and relatives to join her.

In addition to these statistics, American media reports that Travis Kelce – with an estimated net worth of $30 million – has spent additional undisclosed amounts on dates with Taylor, including recent travel to the Bahamas last week. According to Page Six, the couple enjoyed a luxurious vacation at a $15,000-per-night resort in the Bahamas.

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