Serena Williams silences critics with a playful superhero-inspired outfit, embodying the roles of "Champion, Queen, Goddess."

Serena Williams silences critics with a playful superhero-inspired outfit, embodying the roles of "Champion, Queen, Goddess."

Serena Williams may have faced a ban on wearing a catsuit at last year’s French Open, but that hasn't stopped her from making bold fashion statements on the court. This year, she debuted an unusual superhero-inspired outfit, designed by Virgil Abloh in collaboration with Nike.

The ensemble, in striking black and white, featured empowering words in French like ‘Mother, Champion, Queen, Goddess’ on a cape that she did not wear during play. Serena showcased her new look on social media the day before the tournament, revealing a long cape and a maxi skirt as part of her attire.

This fashion choice follows the controversy surrounding Serena's catsuit ban after the 2018 French Open. French Tennis Federation President Bernard Giudicelli had criticized her outfit, stating that such attire would no longer be accepted, emphasizing the need to respect the game and its standards.

Despite these constraints, Serena returned with a bold outfit this year, featuring empowering words like 'queen' and 'champion'. She explained previously that her catsuit was a medical necessity, not just a fashion statement, due to health concerns following childbirth.

The outfit Serena wore this year, although conforming to the new regulations, made a powerful statement about self-worth and confidence after overcoming physical challenges. Serena's choice of attire reflects her desire to inspire women and children to believe in themselves, echoing her message of resilience and empowerment through fashion.

Dressed in her bold ensemble, Serena Williams sent a strong message about self-worth and empowerment as she made her return to Grand Slam action, approximately nine months post giving birth to her daughter Olympia Ohanian.

"This suit represents all the women who have endured mental and physical challenges with their bodies to come back with confidence and belief in themselves," Serena expressed at the time. "It's an opportunity for me to inspire a whole new group of amazing women and kids."

While adhering to the new player attire rules, Serena made it clear she wasn't backing down without a fight when it came to her outfit. Although more traditional in design, her vibrant skirt-and-top combination commanded attention throughout the match, which she won in three sets, even as she shed layers during her warm-up.

Upon entering the court, Serena sported a long-sleeved jacket matching her skirt, adorned with empowering words like ‘champion’ and ‘goddess’ in French. As she warmed up, she shed layers, revealing a navy-and-white long-sleeved shirt, complementing her skirt and crop top.

The day before her match, Serena previewed her on-court look on social media, showcasing the complete ensemble alongside designer Virgil Abloh from Off-White, with whom she collaborated for the outfit. Her superhero-inspired attire seemed to work wonders as she overcame a slow start to secure a convincing win in her opening match.

Serena's victory was a relief, particularly given her limited match play since the Australian Open and recent knee issues that forced her to withdraw from other tournaments. Despite a challenging first set, she regained momentum, winning the next two sets decisively.

Post-match, Serena appeared more relieved than pleased, having avoided what would have been a rare first-round Grand Slam loss. Serena entered the tournament ranked 10th, just behind Sloane Stephens at 7th, while Naomi Osaka, who defeated Serena in a contentious US Open final, held the top ranking.

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