Peak District: Rock Formation Creates Frozen 'Fish Eye'

Peak District: Rock Formation Creates Frozen 'Fish Eye'

While on a quest to capture the sunrise in the Derbyshire Peak District, photographer Leigh Pugh stumbled upon a peculiar sight that resembled a fish's eye frozen on a rock.

Leigh Pugh, 51, had ventured to Stanton Moor Edge near Birchover, hoping to photograph the sunrise. Despite the cloudy weather obscuring the sunrise, he had a feeling he was being observed.

As he was about to leave, Mr. Pugh noticed the frost-covered rock formation, which resembled a lifelike fish's head staring back at him. He described the discovery as unexpected and astounding, turning his disappointment at missing the sunrise into excitement.

Mr. Pugh, who resides in Darley Dale, remarked that he had never encountered such a phenomenon before and doesn't anticipate encountering it again. He attributed the discovery to being in the right place at the right time.

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