On a beach vacation, Serena Williams' daughter Olympia is receiving royal treatment from her father

On a beach vacation, Serena Williams' daughter Olympia is receiving royal treatment from her father

 Serena Williams may hold the title of GOAT in her family and the tennis world, but her 6-year-old daughter Olympia reigns as the queen. Just ask Olympia's father and Serena's husband, Alexis Ohanian. He treated his daughter like royalty on a recent beach vacation, and the photos provide evidence that she rules their household.

"Papa, uppy!!" captioned the Reddit co-founder in a new Instagram post, quoting Olympia. " @olympiaohanian doesn’t wanna get her wet feet covered with sand, so I gotta carry her back to the golf cart," he added.

The accompanying pictures capture this diva moment perfectly. Initially, Olympia is seen running on the sand towards the beautiful blue ocean. Her feet get wet, and she proudly shows off her pretty pink-and-green floral dress. But when it's time to head back, Olympia doesn't bother walking. Why would she when her royal attendant (her dad) can simply lift her up and carry her back to the carriage — I mean, cart? Ohanian smiles in the final photo. Even though she's heavy and it's hot, he savors every moment with his eldest child, like the proud dad he is.

"Somehow I don’t think you mind. ☺️" commented one person on the cute post. "Always always ALWAYS the answer is yes. ❤👑☀️🌊🌴" another said.

"You probably know this but your best smile is when you’re holding her 💜," someone else wrote.

The 776 Fund founder opened up about family life last summer, before their daughter Adira was born in August. "Serena has never been too far away from Olympia for too long, never more than even a couple of nights," Ohanian told Yahoo! Life. "She is an ever-present, ever-available, ever-loving mom. But [Olympia and I] go on adventures, daddy-daughter dates, I take her to go play mini golf, and Serena gets all her time to do, honestly, whatever she wants. It’s usually still some kind of work or maybe a little self-care."

He also shared his commitment to being present. "I want to be the best at everything I do," Ohanian stated. "[That means] when I’m on the clock, and when I’m in dad mode. I really pride myself on it, because I know it means Olympia is getting a dad who’s super-engaged. And hopefully she values that, and hopefully, I’m doing a good job. We’ll see."

From what we can see, he's doing amazing!

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