EXCLUSIVE: Serena Williams shares the reasons behind her hiatus from tennis in a revealing interview

EXCLUSIVE: Serena Williams shares the reasons behind her hiatus from tennis in a revealing interview

Serena Williams has candidly discussed her emotions surrounding retiring from tennis, revealing that her desire to have a second child played a significant role in her decision.

The 23-time Grand Slam legend received a grand send-off at the US Open, but she ultimately fell short of claiming the final major title she had hoped to secure, which would have tied her with Margaret Court on the all-time list.

While still a formidable presence in the game, Williams chose to step away as she wanted to expand her family, following the birth of her first child, Olympia, in September 2017. Her second daughter, Adira River Ohanian, arrived in August 2023.

Transitioning away from tennis, Serena has embarked on a new journey, including the launch of her makeup brand, which she discussed in a recent edition of Byrdie magazine.

“Leaving something I was still good at to be a mom was such a difficult decision. But I wanted another kid, so I had to do that. Now it’s about finding balance and doing other things I’ve always loved,” she shared.

Serena also talked about her passion for expressing herself through fashion and jewelry on the court, acknowledging the challenges of maintaining glamour during a long match.

“Tennis is different than other sports,” she noted. “Sprinters and gymnasts, for example, can wear a full face of makeup. With tennis, you can play for three hours and have sweat pouring down your face. So I had to find little ways to enhance my features.”

Williams emphasized the importance of her makeup line catering to everyday use and enhancing natural beauty.

“I wanted to create a collection people could use every day to enhance their natural beauty,” she explained. “I wanted to focus on long-wearing, ‘clean’ formulas because that’s how I live my life. I have a farm and try to eat clean, so I also apply that approach to what I put on my face.”

Serena Williams is determined to create a successful brand that continues to build upon her remarkable legacy as an athlete, now extending into the world of beauty and cosmetics.

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