Brittany Mahomes and Patrick treasure moments spent together as a family during their beach retreat in Cabo San Lucas

Brittany Mahomes and Patrick treasure moments spent together as a family during their beach retreat in Cabo San Lucas

The Mahomes opted for a change of scenery, swapping the chilly Kansas City weather for the warm beaches of Cabo. Brittany Mahomes and her husband, Patrick Mahomes, were captured relaxing on the Mexican beach on Thursday afternoon with their two young children. 

Despite Brittany's recent back injury, the 28-year-old model showcased her toned physique in a slate gray bikini featuring cutouts on her chest. 

Despite her injury, Brittany appeared to move around effortlessly as she frolicked in the sand with her three-year-old daughter Sterling and one of her young friends.

Brittany Mahomes was seen playing with her kids in the sand on Thursday.HEM / BACKGRID

The mother of two stunned in a two-piece bathing suit.HEM / BACKGRID\

The skimpy swimsuit featured cut-outs underneath her chest.HEM / BACKGRID

Photographs captured Brittany carrying small shovels and buckets over to the children as they settled down in the sand to construct sandcastles. 

Both Sterling and her companion remained dry in hooded, terry cloth cover-ups while they piled sand into the toys. 

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback sported a plain pair of blue swim trunks and a black tank top, appearing to be on fatherly duty as he tended to their one-year-old son, Bronze.

She taught the toddlers how to build sandcastles before going to a chaise lounge to relax.HEM / BACKGRID

The Mahomes were joined by another couple, who has a daughter around the same age as Sterling.HEM / BACKGRID
After playing with the toddlers, Brittany laid down to catch some rays.HEM / BACKGRID

Following their sand-filled adventures, one of the girls assisted Brittany in rinsing her feet with a hose before the mother of two settled into a lounge chair.

Despite Brittany's efforts to entertain the two girls, she disclosed that her youngest wasn't fond of the sand.

"Perfect angel that hates sand," she captioned a photo of Bronze appearing less than impressed on her Instagram Story.

Meanwhile, Patrick opted for a black tank top and blue shorts.HEM / BACKGRID

The NFL star was due for some much-needed relaxation after a grueling football season.HEM / BACKGRID

He and Brittany have been together since high school.HEM / BACKGRID

Recently, the WAG had been in Tulum, Mexico, for a bachelorette trip, as evidenced by several other photos posted from the trip online.

"I'm glad I can be your backrest @patrickmahomes," she sarcastically captioned a photo of her husband leaning against her.

Accompanying the Mahomes on the Mexican getaway was another couple with kids around the same age as their own. At one point, the adults engaged in a round of archery on their spacious property.

Brittany also shared snippets of the vacation to her Instagram Stories.HEM / BACKGRID

The couple’s son, Bronze, “hates” the sand, Brittany revealed.brittanylynne/Instagram

The Mahomes joined their friends for some archery at the villa.brittanylynne/Instagram

Although Brittany appeared to be in good spirits, the former soccer player revealed on Wednesday that she had recently fractured her back.

"Just your daily reminder: Once you have kids please take care of your pelvic floor," she urged on her Instagram Story. "Seriously. From: A girl with a fractured back."

While she didn't disclose the cause or timing of her injury, Brittany has remained resilient over the past few weeks, refusing to let it hinder her spirits.

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