A Pregnant Dog, Abandoned and Tethered Outside the Shelter Alongside Her Cherished Teddy Bear

A Pregnant Dog, Abandoned and Tethered Outside the Shelter Alongside Her Cherished Teddy Bear

When This Brave Lab Girl Was Found Outside a Shelter in California, She Was Near the Point of Giving Up. Amber Was Extremely Emaciated, Weak, and Almost Unable to Lift Her Head Up.

And, Then – a Complete Heartbreak!

She Didn’t Have Any Belongings Except for One Little Teddy Bear That She Held Close to Herself. Seeing Her Tied Up There, Sticking Closely to Her Fluffy Buddy, Broke Her Rescuers’ Hearts. But, Even That Wasn’t the Whole Story…

A Girl With With The Sweetest Secret

On Top of Her Condition, Amber Carried a Litter!

That Very Night, When She Was Found and Taken to a California Shelter in the Bay Area, She Delivered Six Tiny Yellow Babies.

“Yellow Lab Mama Amber Was Left Tied to Shelter Fence in the Middle of the Night, Very Pregnant, and She Delivered the Next Day at the Shelter,” the DARP Team Wrote on Facebook.

Luckily, the Good Shelter Volunteers Kept Her Company and Took Care of Her Throughout the Entire Process, Which Made Amber Feel at Least a Little Bit Safer.

The Next Morning, the Dogwood Animal Rescue Project Crew from Sonoma County, California, Decided to Take in Amber and Her Babies After Hearing Their Story.

On Her Very First Day at the Rescue, Amber Was (Understandably) Quite Exhausted and Stressed Out.

“Her First 24 Hours with Us She Mostly Slept in Her Warm Quiet Bed, No Doubt Exhausted from Being Left at the Shelter with Her Stuffy (Which Makes a Good Pillow) and from Almost Immediately Going Labor and Delivering and Caring for Newborns,” Her Caregivers Stated on Facebook.

She Needed Some Time to Rest, but Even Her Condition Didn’t Stop Her From Being a Wonderful Momma.

Finally Warm And Safe Inside

She Was an Attentive Caregiver All Along, Making Sure Her Puppies Were Safe and Well-Fed. Sadly, Shortly After They Moved to the New Facility, One of Her Babies Crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Even Though This Was Quite Expected, Given Amber’s Levels of Stress and the Fact That She Was Emaciated, the Heartbreak Was Still Massive.

Both Amber and Her Hoomans Felt a Huge Void After Losing Their Furry Member of the Family. Yet, They Needed to Keep Moving Forward – for Amber and Her Other Babies.

After Only a Couple of Weeks, This Brave Girl Finally Came Out of Her Shell, and Her Charming, Soft Character Surfaced!

Everybody Was Dazzled with Amber’s Quite Affectionate Nature and the Fact That She Was Just the Sweetest Girl Ever. Despite Her New Mother Role, She Was Still Acting Like a Puppy, Craving Love and Sharing It Back in Return with Everyone.

But, Most Importantly, Her Caregivers Were Extremely Happy That Amber and Her Litter Finally Got a Second Chance!

“It’s Cold, Rainy and Blowing Outside but Ambers Little Family Is Warm and Safe Inside. We’re So Thankful to Be Able to Provide a Safe, Loving Place for Them,” the Rescue Said in a Facebook Post.

After a Traumatic Past Which Was Probably the Hardest Part of Her Life, She and Her Five Babies Are Finally on the Right Path.

From Now On, They Will Be Waiting for the Day When Hoomans Will Walk Through That Door with One and Only One Plan – to Make Them Permanent Members of Their Family!

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