Venus Williams and Serena Treasure Family Moments with "the Big Sister Acting like the Little Sister"

Venus Williams and Serena Treasure Family Moments with "the Big Sister Acting like the Little Sister"

Before each of them ascended to the top spot in the world rankings of the Women’s Tennis Association in 2002, Venus and Serena Williams had already established themselves as formidable competitors on the tennis court.

Beyond their professional partnership as doubles champions, the sisters have openly acknowledged their exceptionally close bond in their personal lives.

This close-knit relationship was vividly portrayed when older sister Venus took to Instagram during the 2021 Australian Open in Melbourne, sharing a delightful series of photos capturing their quality time together.

In the images, Venus, 40, and Serena, 39, were seen enjoying a meal in a restaurant, both dressed in stylish Gucci outfits. Venus playfully stuck her tongue out at Serena in one photo, while in another, she flashed a peace sign behind her sister's head. Additionally, she shared a tender moment, gazing affectionately at Serena.

Venus captioned the post, "The Scenes: Big sister acting like the little sister and then me staring at my true love @serenawilliams #sisters."

In response, Serena reciprocated the playful gesture by sticking out her tongue and flashing a peace sign in the last photo of the series.

Despite Venus's second-round loss to Sara Errani of Italy, shortly after their meal together, due to injuries to her ankle and knee, she shared words of resilience and wisdom on Instagram, emphasizing the importance of facing both triumphs and setbacks with dignity and determination.

Serena, on the other hand, emerged victorious in her second-round match against Nina Stojanović of Serbia and is set to face Anastasia Potapova of Russia in the third round.

Venus expressed her determination to bounce back as soon as she heals, epitomizing the spirit of perseverance that defines her illustrious career.

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