Toddler Bronze Shows Early Interest in Sports as Mahomes Family Enjoys March Madness

Toddler Bronze Shows Early Interest in Sports as Mahomes Family Enjoys March Madness

 Even at a young age, Patrick Mahomes' son, Bronze, is already showing a keen interest in sports, much to the delight of his mother, Brittany Mahomes. Whether it's due to his sports lineage or simply the environment he's growing up in, Bronze's fascination with anything resembling a ball is evident.

Brittany Mahomes recently shared a heartwarming moment featuring the Mahomes family during the NFL off-season. In an Instagram story, she captured their cozy family time, coinciding with the excitement of March Madness. It seems Bronze might be discovering a new source of joy.

In the Instagram Story, Brittany captured a snippet of the family watching an NCAA basketball game between Oregon and South Carolina. Bronze briefly glanced at the TV before finding other distractions, showcasing his budding interest in sports. The caption, "This kid loves ball," accompanied the adorable video.

As the intense game unfolded on the TV screen, Bronze made amusing noises and wandered off, prompting Brittany to chuckle at his antics. Hopefully, as he grows, his attention span will increase, allowing him to fully enjoy March Madness like his father, Patrick Mahomes, and mother.

The matchup featured the South Carolina Gamecocks facing off against the Oregon Ducks, with the latter clinching a narrow victory by six points in the NCAA Midwest First Round.

Unfortunately, it was a disappointing outcome for the South Carolina team, as their loss to the Oregon Ducks marked the end of their season. Despite their efforts, this defeat was particularly disheartening, given their previous success in reaching the Final 4 in 2017 and 2004. The Gamecocks finished the season with a commendable 26-8 record.

Looking ahead, the Oregon Ducks are set to take on the Creighton Bluejays, a matchup made more intriguing by Ducks coach Dana Altman's previous tenure at Creighton. Having coached Creighton for 16 seasons before joining Oregon in 2010, Altman's familiarity with his former team adds an extra layer of anticipation to the upcoming game.

Perhaps Bronze will continue to show interest in March Madness, further fueling his love for "ball" as he grows and explores the world of sports alongside his family.

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