Serena Williams Shows Off Ring on Snapchat Upon Arrival in New Zealand

Serena Williams Shows Off Ring on Snapchat Upon Arrival in New Zealand

New Zealand welcomed Serena Williams and her newly engaged partner, Alexis Ohanian, with open arms. The tennis star recently revealed her engagement to the bearded co-founder of Reddit through a heartfelt poem, surprising fans worldwide.

As the couple emerged from Auckland airport, Serena led the way with Alexis trailing behind, captured by the local media on Friday. However, the excitement didn't end there for her fans. Serena delightedly showcased a gleaming gold ring on Snapchat, a ring she sported during her post-flight training session at an Auckland tennis club later that day.

In a series of snapshots on the beach, Serena's radiant smile matched the sparkle of the ring adorning her right hand. Speculation arose when she was seen later with the ring on her wedding finger, hinting at its potential significance as her engagement ring.

The engagement news broke when Serena disclosed that Alexis had proposed during a surprise getaway to Rome, marking a pivotal moment in their nearly two-year relationship. Their love story, initially kept private, unfolded gradually, with Serena sharing the joyous news on Reddit through a touching poem.

In her poem, Serena recounted the romantic proposal, describing Alexis' heartfelt words and her ecstatic response. The couple's social media posts echoed their happiness, with Alexis affirming Serena's acceptance and expressing his overwhelming joy.

Despite the media frenzy surrounding her engagement, Serena remained tight-lipped about wedding plans during her arrival in New Zealand. She credited her sister Venus for encouraging her visit, emphasizing the thrill of exploring new places.

Serena's anticipation for her New Zealand trip was evident in a pre-arrival video shared with her fans. The surprise trip orchestrated by Alexis left her elated, as depicted in the graphic she posted, symbolizing her floating on air while receiving a dazzling diamond from her beloved.

Known for her privacy regarding personal matters, Serena had previously kept her relationship with Alexis under wraps. Their initial public appearance together in San Francisco back in November 2015 sparked curiosity, amplified by surveillance footage from a local restaurant.

As Serena geared up for the ASB Classic tennis tournament in Auckland, her engagement ring sparkled as brightly as her enthusiasm for the journey ahead.

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