Serena Williams’ Daughter Makes History as the Youngest Co-Owner of L.A. Golf Club

Serena Williams’ Daughter Makes History as the Youngest Co-Owner of L.A. Golf Club

Serena Williams is imparting valuable lessons to her daughter Olympia!

Olympia, the 5-year-old daughter of the tennis icon, has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming a proud co-owner of the Los Angeles Golf Club, alongside Williams, 41, and her husband Alexis Ohanian, 40. Ohanian shared this delightful news in an Instagram post.

The Reddit co-founder captioned the post, “Excited to announce my fellow co-owner of @wearelagc… @olympiaohanian! Olympia is now the youngest owner in professional sports (@weareangelcity) and also the youngest two-team owner in professional sports.”

He added, “She will be joined by her future sibling.”

In March, Ohanian spoke exclusively with PEOPLE about Olympia's involvement with the Angel City Football Club. He mentioned that Olympia currently does not fully comprehend her role in the sport.

“At present, all Olympia knows is that Angel City FC is our team, and she loves cheering for them,” the tech entrepreneur shared with PEOPLE. “I believe as she grows older, she might begin to understand the various aspects of it.”

“Certainly, being the youngest owner in professional sports is quite exciting, but she doesn’t quite grasp that she holds that title,” he continued. “We'll try to preserve that innocence for as long as possible.”

After becoming a lead investor in Angel City FC three years ago, Ohanian explained how Olympia heavily influenced the decision in an Instagram post.

“As someone who spends hours playing soccer with my two-year-old daughter, I want her to witness this transformation firsthand. I am investing personally for my family because promoting more opportunities in women’s sports is significant to my wife @serenawilliams and me, and we want to contribute to creating a better future for our daughter @olympiaohanian,” he wrote.

Olympia showcased her impressive skills on the field, scoring a goal with the team in an Instagram post in August.

“Running with the Angels @weareangelcity @thinkbetterjair with the assist,” read the caption accompanying the video.

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