Patrick Mahomes Dresses in Cow Costume After Losing March Madness Bet to Shane Buechele

Patrick Mahomes Dresses in Cow Costume After Losing March Madness Bet to Shane Buechele

 Even Super Bowl champions have their off days. Patrick Mahomes, 28, found himself on the losing end of a March Madness bet, as revealed on his Instagram Story. In a moment of good-spirited fun, Mahomes, seemingly in good humor, honored his bet by donning a cow mask, much to the amusement of his followers.

Patrick Mahomes poses in cow mask after loosing March Madness bet. PHOTO: STEVE GRANITZ/FILMMAGIC; PATRICK MAHOMES/INSTAGRAM

The photo, captioned "A bet's a bet... okay cool #Hookem," humorously acknowledged the victory of University of Texas at Austin's Longhorns, represented by Mahomes' friend Shane Buechele, while Mahomes' alma mater, Texas Tech, fell short in their March Madness matchup.

Sporting the comical cow mask, Mahomes maintained his trademark optimism, even throwing up the Longhorns' hand signal. It was a light-hearted moment in the midst of March Madness fervor.

Shane Buechele, Mahomes' former teammate on the Kansas City Chiefs, playfully reposted Mahomes' cow-clad photo, adding his own caption of support for the Longhorns.

Despite the good-natured ribbing, Mahomes remains focused on his upcoming NFL season with the Kansas City Chiefs. Recently, he shared glimpses of his training sessions on Instagram, showcasing his dedication alongside new teammate Marquise "Hollywood" Brown and Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice.

In a lighthearted nod to a previous viral moment, Mahomes captioned the gym photos with "#DadBodSZN," referring to an image that had circulated after the Chiefs' AFC Championship win. Embracing the humor, Mahomes acknowledged his roles as both a professional athlete and a father of two.

While Mahomes may have lost a bet, his commitment to his sport and his family remains unwavering. As he gears up for the new NFL season, Mahomes continues to embrace both the challenges and the lighthearted moments that come his way.

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