Venus Williams Anticipates a Competitive New Year on the Tennis Court at Age 43

Venus Williams Anticipates a Competitive New Year on the Tennis Court at Age 43

Tennis icon Venus Williams is gearing up for an eventful summer on the tennis circuit, poised to tackle the challenges of competitive play at the age of 43.

Despite experiencing limited success on the fiercely competitive WTA tour in recent times, the former world No. 1 remains optimistic as the grasscourt season unfolds.

Her recent victory at the Birmingham Classic, a crucial warm-up event for Wimbledon in England, against the formidable Italian player Camila Giorgi, marked a significant milestone. It was Williams' first triumph over a top-50-ranked opponent in singles since 2019.

Following the intense three-set match, Williams received news that Wimbledon had awarded her a wild card entry into the main draw of the singles event. The All England Club holds a special place in Williams' heart, where she has clinched five singles titles during her illustrious career, alongside six doubles titles with her sister, Serena.

While her complete summer schedule for 2023 remains undisclosed, Williams is enthusiastic about engaging in competitive matches in front of her loyal fans who have supported her throughout her remarkable journey.

"I'm thrilled to build on my recent performances as I navigate through the summer tournament season," Williams expressed to NBC Sports. "Ultimately, I'm grateful to continue pursuing my passion for the sport."

Williams attributes her ability to remain competitive on the tour to maintaining her mental well-being. Despite grappling with injuries in the past, she feels rejuvenated and invigorated to return to the court.

"Tennis is as much a mental game as it is physical. Regardless of physical prowess and technical skill, without mental fortitude, success at the highest level is unattainable," she acknowledged. "Conscious efforts to nurture my mental health have enabled me to sustain my longevity in the sport at this elite level."

Prior to her participation in the Birmingham Classic, Williams competed at the Rosmalen Grass Court Championships, her first match since January, albeit falling short in the opening round against the promising 17-year-old player Celine Naef.

Despite the match's outcome, Williams found solace in having her sister Serena in her corner, offering unwavering support. Serena, a 23-time Grand Slam singles champion, bid farewell to professional tennis following the 2022 U.S. Open, marking the conclusion of their doubles partnership in New York.

"Serena has always been my pillar of strength, and our mutual support has been unwavering throughout our lives," Williams shared. "She understands my journey like no one else, making her presence a source of comfort and encouragement."

Recognizing the importance of mental health support, Williams has aligned with BetterHelp, a network of qualified therapists, to promote mental well-being. Through her partnership, individuals can utilize Williams' code on BetterHelp ( to access a licensed therapist for a complimentary month, empowering them to experience the transformative impact of therapy firsthand.

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