The Most Adorable Snapshots of Serena Williams' Family of Four

The Most Adorable Snapshots of Serena Williams' Family of Four

The charm just keeps growing! Take a glimpse at the heartwarming photos featuring the tennis icon, her spouse Alexis Ohanian, and their precious daughters Olympia and Adira.

This quartet is an absolute delight!

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian are embracing life as a family of four, cherishing every moment with their daughters, 6-year-old Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., and 6-month-old Adira River Ohanian. Their Instagram feed is adorned with snapshots capturing the essence of their family life.

Reflecting on their expanded family, Williams, 42, shared with Entertainment Tonight last year that she had initial concerns about whether she could love anyone as much as she adored Olympia before Adira's arrival. However, she expressed gratitude that everything fell into place beautifully.

Below, explore some of the most endearing moments shared by the family since Adira's arrival:

1. Welcoming Baby Adira

Serena Williams introduced their newest addition to the world on August 22, 2023, through a heartwarming family portrait on Instagram, captioned simply, "Adira River Ohanian 😍❤️".

2. Sisterly Bond

Following up, the family shared an even more precious moment on Olympia Ohanian's Instagram account, captioned "my sister and me."

3. Up Close and Adorable

"Lashes and a baby," Williams captioned a captivating close-up selfie featuring Adira.

4. Family Workout Session

"We all work out in this family," Williams captioned a video showcasing Olympia gently interacting with Adira.

Williams joyfully shared, "She loves it," referring to Olympia's new role as a big sister. "Adira's like a tiny little baby, so Olympia just calls her her little sis."

5. Winter Escape

"Although it's winter, we've discovered some warmth," Williams captioned a snapshot from the family's January 2024 getaway.

6. 'Embrace Self-Love'

In a heartfelt Instagram post from February 2024, Williams opened up about her journey through new motherhood.

"Embracing self-love is crucial. I constantly remind myself of this amidst the different phases of life," she penned. "At this moment, I cherish the imperfections of my body. I embrace the scent of milk - the milk that nourishes @adiraohanian. I revel in acquainting myself with this new rendition of my body. Change is inevitable, but it's a change that's profoundly rewarding. So, as you embark on this week, remember that love starts with you. Alright, now off to the gym I go! 🤪"

7. Taco Time

"Taco Tuesdays are non-negotiable in our household 🌮," Williams captioned an adorable photo of Adira observing her cooking.

08. Partner in Crime

Following her mother's footsteps, Williams shared a series of matching snapshots with her "partner in crime," Olympia, in February 2024.

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