Serena Williams: "To All Moms, I'm Fighting for You!"

Serena Williams: "To All Moms, I'm Fighting for You!"

In April 2017, the world was shocked and concerned about Serena's performance when she announced she was 20 weeks pregnant. Shortly after, Serena, once again, astonished everyone by practicing tennis while seven months pregnant.

Watching Serena play at that time, few believed the truth that the American tennis player would soon become a mother. But Serena is always like that, both on and off the court, she always shows everyone that life is full of wonders and that nothing is impossible with utmost effort.

According to Serena, her history of pulmonary embolisms often led to prolonged coughing fits. This condition deeply impacted her after giving birth to her daughter, Alexis. Complications arose, including blood clots in her abdomen, requiring Serena to undergo another surgery and six weeks of bed rest to recover.

With her strength and determination, Serena overcame these challenges and returned to training immediately after getting clearance from doctors. In February 2018, a miraculous moment occurred when Serena Williams appeared alongside her sister Venus Williams in the Fed Cup women's doubles event. Although the Williams sisters lost, many believed Serena would soon return to her former glory.

Most recently, Serena Williams, who triumphed over death less than a year ago, once again reached the Wimbledon singles final, amidst the admiration of tennis enthusiasts. Although she didn't claim the coveted trophy, her runner-up title elevated the 36-year-old athlete 153 spots back into the world's top 30. For an ordinary woman, maintaining a high-intensity schedule for 10 months postpartum would be extremely challenging. Yet, Serena Williams had to fight to preserve her own life and that of her firstborn.

In a post-match interview, the American tennis player shared her story, sending a message to all current and future mothers: "My priority has always been my daughter. You know, being there and doing everything with her, spending time with her... it's always been my top priority. I just want to tell all the other mothers out there that I had to go through a long battle to come back, and it was really hard. Honestly, I always feel if I can do it, you can do it too. Once you get back to work, you can still achieve anything you want."

Although she didn't win the Wimbledon 2018 final, this single mother completely won over the hearts of fans with her extraordinary efforts and fierce fighting spirit. Serena Williams has proven to the world that no matter who you are and what challenges you face, as long as you keep trying, your efforts will be rewarded with sweet fruit in the future.

"To all the mothers out there, today I'm fighting for you!" - Serena Williams.

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