Serena Williams: From Tennis Queen to Ideal Family Woman

Serena Williams: From Tennis Queen to Ideal Family Woman

"Serena's fierce determination and strong will inspire me to strive harder in life for success. Being by Serena's side, witnessing her standards and way of life, I aspire to become a better person," shared Alexis Ohanian about his wife - American tennis queen Serena Williams.

The Fateful Encounter and Blissful Destiny

In 2015, during breakfast at the Cavalieri hotel in Italy with colleagues, Serena Williams, the renowned tennis queen, coincidentally met Alexis Ohanian. Alexis is one of the co-founders of Reddit, a website widely accessed worldwide. However, Serena knew nothing about this tech millionaire, and Alexis, indifferent to the tennis world, was not particularly interested either.

Initially, Serena's team wanted privacy and cleverly hinted Alexis to leave with the statement: "Hey, there's a mouse under the table. Don't sit there!" However, Alexis remained unfazed, claiming he wasn't afraid of mice and declared he wasn't going anywhere.

To salvage the situation, Serena invited Alexis to join her table. Serena then asked him about the tech conference he was about to attend as a speaker. Alexis mentioned Reddit to her. Despite knowing nothing about it, Serena pretended to be familiar with the website. Alexis asked her what she liked about Reddit, and Serena was caught off guard. Fortunately, members of her group intervened to save the situation.

After a brief conversation with Alexis, Serena thought he was interested in Jessica, another member of her group. However, they still exchanged phone numbers because Serena thought she might call Alexis to ask about tech issues she wasn't familiar with. Subsequently, Serena and her team invited him to watch her match.

Despite being injured and not playing well, Serena won the tournament. When the match ended, she and her colleagues were on the same ride back to the hotel, coincidentally meeting Alexis again. They invited Alexis to dinner. A month later, Serena texted him to watch her match in France, promising he would see her play better than in Italy.

Their love quietly blossomed amidst the romantic setting of France's capital. They spent 6 hours together before Serena's match day. After that, Alexis proposed to Serena at the Cavalieri hotel, where they first met. Their wedding took place on November 16, 2017.

The Attraction of Strength

When he first met Serena, Alexis thought, "She's truly beautiful and attractive." However, what made Serena special in his eyes was her strong willpower and tireless work ethic. Alexis often praised his wife for it: "I thought I was working hard, putting in 18-hour days, falling asleep on my laptop until I saw Serena train before each match. She works harder than anyone in Silicon Valley." Or, "Serena's fierce determination and strong will inspire me to strive harder in life for success. Being by Serena's side, witnessing her standards and way of life, I aspire to become a better person."

Serena grew up in West Palm, Florida, a place known for poverty and notorious gangs. In that complex environment, she dreamed of becoming a world tennis champion from a young age. She started training at the age of 3 and never stopped. Even during pregnancy, she participated and won the Australian Open. She returned to training just 3 months after giving birth.

Serena underwent multiple treatments, including surgery, to ensure her health during pregnancy and childbirth. However, becoming a mother brought her happiness. Before her daughter was born, she wrote touching words to her: "My darling, you have given me strength I have never had before. You have taught me the meaning of peace." She gave birth in September 2017, and by February 2018, she returned to compete alongside her sister in the women's doubles - Fed Cup. She stated: Baby Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. is her top priority. However, she always strives to return to work as soon as possible. In a message to girls about racial and gender discrimination, Serena urged them to overcome barriers and stereotypes to nurture bigger dreams. To do that, women have no choice but to return to work early and live with their own passion.

When Olympia turned one, Alexis' love for his wife remained unchanged. On this occasion, he even made a short film to capture the sweet and bitter moments they shared, united in adversity. At the same time, he honored his wife as an extraordinary woman: "She has never stopped fighting for herself, for our daughter, for recognition, for women's rights, for erasing the income gap between men and women. She is resilient and passionate. She is the most inspiring role model I have ever met."

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