Serena Williams' Daughters' Playroom in Her $6.8 Million Sun-Soaked Floridian Mansion is a Fantasy Come True for Any Child.

Serena Williams' Daughters' Playroom in Her $6.8 Million Sun-Soaked Floridian Mansion is a Fantasy Come True for Any Child.

Renowned for her numerous Grand Slam singles titles, Serena Williams recently took to Instagram to unveil a previously undisclosed corner of her lavish $6.8 million Floridian estate, which she shares with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, of seven years.

In a recent post to her 17.2 million Instagram followers, the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion, now 42, shared a delightful snapshot of herself seated at a miniature kids' table within the playroom she designed for her two daughters, six-year-old Olympia and six-month-old Adira.

The playroom boasts soft grey walls adorned with a personalized light-up sign in pink, purple, and yellow, bearing the names 'Olympia & Adira'. White wood storage units with pink baskets offer ample space for the girls to stow away their toys, maintaining a sense of order amidst the playfulness.

Grinning warmly at the camera in her workout attire, Serena sits amidst a whimsical child's pizza party setup, complete with pink chairs for Olympia's plush companions. A cozy pink and white textured rug accents the room, inviting play and relaxation alike.

The mansion, a collaborative effort with her tennis-star sister Venus Williams, serves as a nurturing haven for Serena's daughters. In a video shared by Serena, she engages in playful moments with her eldest daughter, offering glimpses of Olympia's bedroom, adorned with a white wood unit housing colorful plastic buckets brimming with toys.

Adding a touch of regality befitting their lineage, Adira's space features monogrammed cushions and a fabric canopy ascending from her cot, crowned with a majestic gold adornment.

Beyond the enchanting playroom, Serena's mansion exudes glamour and luxury. A glimpse into her walk-in closet reveals floor-to-ceiling neutral wood cabinetry, housing an extensive collection of vibrant clothing items and built-in drawers for foldable garments.

The kitchen is equally resplendent, boasting opulent touches such as a dramatic gold light fixture suspended above the asymmetrical breakfast bar, dark wood cabinetry accented with brass, and an expansive built-in double fridge freezer seamlessly integrated into the cabinetry.

Her dining room is an elegant space, featuring a lengthy rectangular table surrounded by coordinating chairs and an assortment of captivating hanging light fixtures, offering a picturesque view of the lush tropical landscape and expansive pool area outdoors.

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