Patrick Mahomes Updates on Son Bronze, 14 Months, Taking First Steps as Family Joins Him in Las Vegas

Patrick Mahomes Updates on Son Bronze, 14 Months, Taking First Steps as Family Joins Him in Las Vegas

The star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, recently shared a significant moment in his family life.

During a press conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Mahomes, 28, discussed staying connected with his wife Brittany Mahomes and their two children, Sterling Skye, 2, and Patrick Bronze Lavon III, 14 months, while preparing for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

"Yeah, I always FaceTime them whenever I'm not with them and talk to them throughout the day. Bronze is starting to walk now," he informed reporters.

"Sterling's enjoying herself, being on vacation and everything like that. So hopefully I'll get to see them throughout the week when I get some free time, but it's always great when I get to talk to them."

Later during the press conference, Mahomes disclosed that his entire family was already in Las Vegas for the big game. "They are already here, and I'm hopefully going to get over there maybe today or tomorrow and see them," he added.

"It's always great to have them there with me, and Sterling's running the household, exploring every single room in there."

Speaking with PEOPLE in January, Brittany mentioned that their children are "very attached to me," making it easier to keep an eye on them during game days.

"I have my eyes on them all the time at games, but it's very special to have them there, to support their dad."

While Sterling initially displayed shyness during game days, she is now becoming more engaged as she grows older.

"My oldest daughter can finally realize what's going on and where she's at, and she loves to watch her dad play football. She can see him from a mile away and pays attention and keeps up with what's going on with him," Brittany shared.

"She truly enjoys going down to the field and getting to see him before the game. I think it's a very special moment wherever I get to bring them to the game and they get to watch their dad play football."

Brittany also mentioned that their son was making progress with walking. "We have been trying to get him to walk for quite some time now, so he's getting there. He's almost there. He's taken a few steps on his own, but he's not fully walking all the way just yet."

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