Brittany Mahomes Encourages Her Kids on the Trampoline: "You're Amazing!"

Brittany Mahomes Encourages Her Kids on the Trampoline: "You're Amazing!"

Brittany Mahomes, the mother of two, 28, shared a heartwarming moment with her children in a video she posted on Friday, capturing their joyful time together on a trampoline.

In the adorable clip, Brittany filmed her daughter Sterling Skye, 2½, bringing laughter to her son Patrick "Bronze" Lavon Mahomes III, 14 months, as they played on the trampoline in their backyard.

"Let’s see you jump," Brittany requested in the video as she recorded her little ones on the trampoline. Sterling enthusiastically jumped up and down with her arms in the air while her baby brother watched nearby.

"Whooo! You're doing awesome!" Brittany exclaimed as Sterling tumbled over. "Oh no!" she added playfully as baby Bronze giggled in response.

Brittany shares her two children with her husband, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, whom she married on March 12, 2022.

Last week, Brittany spoke to PEOPLE about her special bond with her children and their excitement about attending NFL games to support their father.

"I have my eyes on them all the time at games, but it’s very special to have them there, to support their dad," Brittany shared. "My oldest daughter, she can finally kind of realize what’s going on and where she’s at, and she loves to watch her dad play football."

While Patrick and his team might be heading to the Super Bowl on Feb. 11, Brittany revealed that their children's milestones excite them more than what happens on the field.

"My daughter is getting a personality, so she is able to communicate a lot more things than she has in the past, like how she’s feeling. Seeing her blossom into a little girl who can express her emotions, that type of stuff has been the cutest thing in the world," Brittany expressed.

Meanwhile, 14-month-old Bronze is starting to take his first steps. "We have been trying to get him to walk for quite some time now, so he’s getting there. He’s almost there. He’s taken a few steps on his own, but he’s not fully walking all the way just yet," she explained.

Brittany also discussed the importance of protecting her children from food allergies, emphasizing the need for mothers to be vigilant and attentive to their children's health and well-being.

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