Serena Williams Turns Her New Home into an Artistic Haven, She has a large room over 2000 ft², dedicated solely to showcasing her Wimbledon trophies!

Serena Williams Turns Her New Home into an Artistic Haven, She has a large room over 2000 ft², dedicated solely to showcasing her Wimbledon trophies!

Tennis champion Serena Williams has transformed her new Miami home into a captivating space that reflects her multifaceted interests. In an exclusive tour with Architectural Digest, Serena showcased not only her impressive trophy room but also her unique approach to interior design.

The home features a massive room dedicated to displaying her numerous trophies, a testament to her unparalleled achievements in tennis. In a humorous twist, Serena admitted to not keeping second-place hardware, emphasizing her legendary status.

Upon entering Serena's home, the meticulous effort she invested in curating the space becomes evident. Instead of a traditional living room, she opted for a modern art gallery, showcasing her love for art and diverse artists. Serena's home also boasts a multifunctional karaoke room, adding a touch of entertainment for both herself and guests.

Explaining her design choices, Serena stated, "I love art and all kinds of artists, so I was like, 'What if I had a formal living room, but instead of it being a living room it's an art gallery?'" The result is a stunning collection featuring works by artists such as Radcliffe Bailey, Kaws, and Brandon Marshall.

Collaborating with her sister Venus's interior-design company, V Starr Interiors, Serena turned her vision into reality. The house features a clear Wurlitzer piano, a mural with an actual rock from the moon, and doors from Nepal. Serena's keen eye for interior decorating is evident throughout the home, filled with sentimental items from her life, as well as those of her husband Alexis and daughter Olympia.

Take a closer look at the intricate details of Serena's new home, including her art collection, trophy room, and other breathtaking elements that make it a truly remarkable space.

Watch Serena Williams's House Tour For Architectural Digest

Welcome to Serena's gorgeous Miami home!

Instead of a living room, Serena went for a modern art-gallery vibe.

There are so many beautiful pieces in Serena's gallery.

Like this intricate butterfly display!

And this Radcliffe Bailey piece.

This Radcliffe Bailey piece is actually made with a rock from the moon!

Check out this supercool Kaws chair.

Serena shared that the doors on display are from Nepal.

She even has some of her own artwork on display!

How cool is this clear Wurlitzer piano?

She said her gallery is "always a work in progress."

These two pieces represent Venus and Serena.

Now, step inside Serena's trophy room. (Yep, you read that correctly.)

A peek inside the trophy room.

Serena has a lot of gold to be proud of!

No big deal, just a Wimbledon trophy.

Serena said she doesn't keep second-place trophies in this room (or at all)!

Now, a look inside Serena's cozy office.

She has her magazine covers blown up and on display.

Now this is some seriously cool 3D wallpaper.

A multifunctional karaoke-slash-media room!

Serena said she and Olympia love to do karaoke together.

What a beautiful view overlooking the water!

And of course, some sentimental champagne bottles.

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