'My Mum Played Tennis Before She Passed Away' – Inspiring Journey of Kenyan Tennis Sisters Echoes the Legacy of Venus and Serena Williams

'My Mum Played Tennis Before She Passed Away' – Inspiring Journey of Kenyan Tennis Sisters Echoes the Legacy of Venus and Serena Williams

Angella Okutoyi and Roselida Asumwa, two sisters hailing from Kenya, have etched a compelling narrative of triumph over adversity as they stand poised to carry forward the legacy of tennis icons Venus and Serena Williams. Originating from humble beginnings and navigating the challenges of poverty, their journey began in an orphanage following the tragic passing of their mother during childbirth. Some days saw them surviving on meager meals, often limited to just a cup of water. However, tennis emerged as a transformative escape for the determined sisters.

Growing up in a modest environment, Okutoyi and Asumwa made the most of basic tennis facilities within the convent where they resided. The school associated with the convent provided them access to tennis courts. Influenced by family members involved in the sport, including their late mother, tennis became an integral part of their lives.

In an interview with Olympics.com, Okutoyi shared, "That’s how I chose tennis as it was the only sport I was able to see. It was one sport that was always around me. Even before that, our family was playing tennis. My uncle played tennis, my aunt, even my mum played tennis before she passed away. I believe it’s just in us." Reflecting on her early experiences, she vividly remembered holding a sizable racket, wearing casual shoes and clothes, and walking to the tennis court for spirited play.

Asumwa, Okutoyi's twin sister, aspires to emulate her idol, Venus Williams. Despite facing challenges due to insufficient equipment, Asumwa expressed resilience, stating, "It was tough for us at the beginning because we didn’t have the right equipment for us to really play well, but we managed to work with what we had."

Okutoyi, with dreams of making a significant impact, harbors aspirations to qualify for the Olympics, drawing inspiration from the remarkable Serena Williams, a four-time Olympic gold medalist. The 19-year-old, buoyed by her recent victories in the second Nairobi tournament, envisions improving her WTA ranking. She emphasizes Serena's story as a perpetual source of motivation, lauding her determination and unwavering work ethic.

While tennis faces challenges as an elite sport in Kenya, with limited public courts and equipment accessibility, Okutoyi and Asumwa persist with determination. Okutoyi, currently a sophomore at Auburn University, and Asumwa, pursuing studies at Cowley College in Kansas, exemplify discipline instilled by their challenging childhood. With lofty aspirations and admirable role models, the sisters strive for a rise to glory, echoing the resilient spirit of Venus and Serena Williams.

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